Intelligence values - also for risk management

I’m reading up on contemporary intelligence as part of my grad course and came across these six intelligence values. So far all I’ve read on intelligence reads very true to information risk management and often risk management as a whole.

Have a read, see if the values for intelligence don’t marry neatly with risk management values:

  1. Accuracy: All sources and data must be evaluated for the possibility of technical error, misperception, and hostile efforts to mislead.
  2. Objectivity: All judgments must be evaluated for the possibility of deliberate distortions and manipulations due to self-interest.
  3. Usability: All intelligence communications must be in a form that facilitates ready comprehension and immediate application. Intelligence products must be compatible with a customer’s capabilities for receiving, manipulating, protecting, and storing the product.
  4. Relevance: Information must be selected and organized for its applicability to a customer’s requirements, with potential consequences and significance of the information made explicit to the customer’s circumstances.
  5. Readiness: Intelligence systems must be responsive to the existing and contingent intelligence requirements of customers at all levels of command.
  6. Timeliness: Intelligence must be delivered while the content is still actionable under the customer’s circumstances.